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Welcome to Next Generation Square Dancing

We love square dancing and want to share our enthusiasm with everyone who dances with us.


NexGen-SD is a website for people interested in learning more about 21st century Modern Square Dancing.


"It is the goal of NexGen-SD to try and shape the new image of Square Dancing by sharing our energetic style of dancing and new music to encourage both the young and/or the young at heart to try this activity."


To learn more about who NexGen-SD is, please visit our About Us page.


At NexGen-SD, we want to put the "dance" back into Square Dancing!

Do you dance?

Have you danced Ballroom, Contra or other forms of dancing but never tried Modern Square Dancing? If so, then now is the time to checkout how much Modern Square Dancing  has changed in the last few years.

Don't dance but can walk?

Then you are still a perfect candidate to experience the fun, joy and health benefits of Modern Square Dancing!

Here on this website you can find information about free Introductory Dances that allow you to try out basic square dancing.


We also offer a 10 week Fast Track / Club 50 lesson program to allow you to quickly learn and enjoy Square Dancing.


Finally, check out the FAQ and More Info pages. They contain lots of good information about Modern Square Dancing.

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