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Club 50 Program for Re-Invigorating Square Dancing!

The Club 50 program is designed to let new dancers get up to speed and quickly learn fundamental Square Dancing in a short period of time.  Depending on the learning abilities of the students, many students can learn the 50 calls in 10 to 12 weeks. This has the decided advantage of allowing clubs to run more than one lesson program annually and allows new dancers to encourage friends to join in on the fun.


This page is dedicated to the Club 50 Program and contains material relevant to clubs and callers who wish to pursue a Club 50 Program. While the material is targeted to callers, anyone with an interest in pursuing and supporting the Club 50 Program will benefit by a better understanding of the program.



Downloadable Documents


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(EA - Extended Application)


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50 Call Initiative Charter Guide

50 Call EA Teaching Guide

Club 50 Info Southern Cal

Club Level 50 Calls

The Case for Club 50



#1 Lesson Plan

#2 Lesson Plan

#5 Lesson Plan

#6 Lesson Plan


EA Lessons

#1 EA Lesson Plan

#2 EA Lesson Plan

#3 EA Lesson Plan

#4 EA Lesson Plan

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