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8.21.2017 - TSS Travels to See Solar Eclipse

Yes friends, when we are not square dancing, members of TSS are watching the great American eclipse!

Here we all ventured down to Festus MO where the weather was spotty but cleared off just in time for us to see the total eclipse!

What an experience as the sun totally disappeared and we experienced darkness.

The trip back was an interesting challenge as well as tens of thousands of people all ventured back to Chicago VIA the I 55 parking lot!

6.23.2017 - Tri-State Spinners Expands

Tri-State Spinners Doubles in Size!


Yes, the Tri-State Spinners have added new members who pictured here performed several exhibition tips at this years 66th National Square Dance Convention.


Check out our YouTube channel to see more of theses new members dancing with us all over the Midwest!

8.26.2015 - Intro Dance to North Fond du Lac Teachers

NexGen-SD Caller Dave Schulz was invited to host an Intro Dance at the North Fond du Lac High School in WI to over 150 teachers. Part of a teacher in-service day and team building event, the Intro Dance was a wild success and has lead to further discussion on updating the Square Dancing programs at the schools.


Thank You Aaron Sadoff - Superintendent for Fond du Lac schools!

8.22.2015 - MI State Square & Round Dance Convention

NexGen-SD Dancers were invited to do a exhibition tip at the 2015 MI State Square & Round Dance Convention. Here, Bob Asp is calling to the group while dancers swap in and out of the tip. The music we danced to is another favorite piece of ours, Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon.


We'd like to thank the MI Convention board for the invitation and we all had a great time dancing at their convention!

7.24.2015 - NexGen-SD Dancers Do Educational Sessions at IL, WI, and MI Conventions

Karen Dilley & Bruce Kleinhans took time out from dancing this year to o\put in some great educational sessions at both the IL and WI Square Dance Conventions. Karen & Bruce ran sessions on "Styling Techniques & Flourishes " while Karen did a workshop on "How to Look Your Best" about fabric and color coordination.

At the MI Square Dance Convention, NexGen-SD did an exhibition tip (see our videos page) and hosted an educational session on the pros and cons of the Club 50 lesson program which was presented by Mark Simmons.


Learn more about Club 50 here.

5.23.2015 - NexGen-SD Dancers at River City Weekend in Dubuque IA

NexGen-SD Dancers attended the 2015 River City Weekend hosted by Jerry Story & Bob Asp in Dubuque IA.


The event was well attended and as usual Jerry & Bob provide an exciting and challenging weekend of Plus dancing.

10.7.2014 - NexGen-SD Host Intro to Team Dancing at UW Free Art Friday

NexGen-SD will be hosting several Team Dancing sessions at the UW Free Art Friday, Nov. 7th at 6:15 pm and 7:30 pm. Bring your friends or meet some new friends.

What is Team Dancing?

• It is simple enough for those with 2 left feet, but engaging enough for experiences dancers.

• A variety of music including current pop & country hits, tango, jazz and bluegrass tunes are used.

• It is a fun, energetic and stimulating form of dancing that has roots in square dancing.


The event is located at: Memorial Union – 800 Langdon St. Madison, WI and is open to the public.

See our Team Dancing page for more information on Team Dancing.

8.15.2014 - NexGen-SD Dancers to Preform Exhibition Dance at Circle Sanctuary "Welcome Fall" Event

NexGen-SD Dancers have been invited to perform an Exhibition / Intro dance September 20th at 8:00 pm at the Circle Sanctuary Welcome Fall 2014 event.


The two day event features many activities and we are please to be part of it!


Further details on Circle Sanctuary and the Welcome Fall 2014 event can be found here.  Welcome-fall-2014


We hope to see you there!

6.11.2014 - Embellishment / DBD Workshops Start in Madison WI

Dave Schulz, Tom Nickel, NexGen-SD, and Westport Squares will be holding embellishment and mainstream DBD workshops starting June 11th at the Maple Bluff Community Center in Madison WI. Hours will be 7:00 to 9:00 pm with the first 30 minutes covering embellishments.


Donna & Jerry Albrecht will be teaching the embellishments while Dave Schulz & Tom Nickel will teach the mainstream DBD. Cost will be $7.50 per person per session.

5.28.2014 - River City Dance Weekend

Wow, what a weekend. A number of us ventured over to Dubuque IA for the River City Dance Weekend. A great time was had dancing and attending workshops by three great callers, Jerry Story, Bob Asp, and Dave Sutter.


You can see more about the River City Dance here,

4.26.2014 - NexGen-SD Dancers to Perform Exhibition Dance at Oregon Optimist Fund Raiser

NexGen-SD dancers have been invited to perform an exhibition and participate in an introduction to square dancing for the Oregon Optimist Club's Barn Dance on April 26th from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. This is part of an evening of activities, which is a fund raising event for the Optimist Club.


The event will be held at The O'Brien Barn south of Madison. For more details on The O'Brien Barn, click this link. This event is open to the public and will let you experience what modern Square Dancing is like.


For more information on the Oregon Optimist Club, click this link to their Facebook Page.


Download the PDF flyer for this event here.

4.8.2014 - NexGen-SD Dancers Hold Square Dance Party at Casa di Danza New Berlin WI.

NexGen-SD Dancers held a Square Dance Party at Casa di Danza in New Berlin WI Saturday night. The event was the effort of Karen Dilly and Bruce Kleinhans and was well attended by dancers who dance at the studio. With 36 in attendance and a beautiful dance studio to dance in, the atmosphere was fun and lively.


Caller Dave Schulz introduced the group of seasoned ballroom dancers to modern Square Dancing and the group enjoyed themselves immensely. Afterwards, exit surveys showed everyone had a great time and many were interested in pursuing Square Dance lessons.


Dance instructors Ann Zabinski and Dale Pizzitola who helped promote the event were very pleased with the outcome and are looking forward to holding regular Square Dance Parties at the studio.


Thank You Ann, Dale, Dave, Karen, and Bruce for a wonderful night!

2.13.2014 - NexGen-SD Intro Square Dances Start in Madison WI.

Today marks the kick off of the 2014 Into Square Dances! Intro Dances are held at Trinity United  Methodist Church on Vilas Avenue in Madison WI. This is the first of three Fun Dances. The next Intro Dances will be held on the 20th and 27th of February.

1.25.2014 - NexGen-SD Website Launches

Today marks the official launching of the NexGen-SD website. Viewers can browse the site for information on Square Dancing , find Fun Dances, and learn about lessons. A mobile site is also available for smart phone users.

12.20.2013 - NexGen-SD Dancers Perform Exhibition Dance at Casa di Danza New Berlin WI.

On December 20th a group of NexGen-SD dancers preformed an exhibition Square Dance tip at Casa di Danza in New Berlin WI. Included in the group were instructors from Casa di Danza, Ann & Dale. The exhibition dance was well received and has sparked an interest in learning more about Square Dancing by the school.

4.11.2011 - WAMU 88.5 Segment on Reinventing Square Dancing

Check out the audio clip "Reinventing Square Dancing" by Jonna McKone from WAMU 88.5 out of Washington DC.


It tells about a resurgence in interest by people for Square Dancing in the Washington area.


Clicking on the image at right will take you to their website. Enjoy!

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