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Team Dancing

What is Team Dancing?

Team dancing is a variation of standard Modern Square Dancing. It's a combination of high energy, modern music, and enhanced calls that incorporate flourishes and embellishments.


Team Dancing is different from Square Dancing in the following ways:

It is mentally challenging (Dance By Definition or DBD and you never know whats coming next!)

It can be physically challenging (Embellishments), but need not be. For example, people in wheel chairs do it.

It can also be done with as much Energy as you choose to put into it.  More Energy = More Fun!!!

It is not competitive, but it does require everyone’s cooperation so the Team can successful complete the dance.

Team Dancing is popular among younger generations because of the speed, mental and physical challenge it presents. Team Dancing can be found on many collage campuses and in fact, MIT actually offers an accredited course on it which can be found here:


NexGen-SD Dancers love Team Dancing and encourage it where ever they go!

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